Sunday, July 7, 2013

Belly Laugh

Considering all the sorrow that comes with widowhood, and all the hard and painful things we all deal with throughout our lives, it’s needful and healthy to have a good “belly laugh” on occasion. I love it when the Lord gives me a story to tell, and yesterday He gave me one that made me laugh out loud. I still giggle every time I reflect on what happened last night. I hope it will inspire at least a smile for you today.

Last night, I was on my way to Havre de Grace, Md, approximately an hour and fifteen minutes from my home. As I drove out of my neighborhood, I reached into my purse to locate my sunglasses. While giving my full attention to my driving, I popped them onto my face and was on my way.

I was traveling to attend a surprise birthday party for my sister, Colleen. I was a bit anxious that the drive would take longer than anticipated. I hadn’t allowed any margins to deal with the Honeypot truck I was forced to follow at an even slower pace than the already slow speed limit. One of these days, I will learn to leave early. You would think by now I would have learned that lesson, especially since I often encounter Amish buggies on a regular basis.

My anxiety grew when I arrived in Havre de Grace, and I noticed that the town was overflowing with people. The town was celebrating their “First Friday”, when the first Friday of every month, they close off a main street like a block party, with lots of activities throughout the whole area. Parking is always an issue there on any given day. Now an already challenging situation was going to be a lot more complicated. I drove to the restaurant where the party was to be held and of course there wasn’t any spots available in their parking lot. Silly me and my wishful thinking!

I started circling the area to see what I could find. I really didn’t mind having to walk two and a half blocks. I was just afraid I would be late and spoil the surprise. I finally found a parking lot where kayakers launch their boats and park their vehicles and trailers while they enjoy the Susquehanna River. I parked in front of a construction fence, because there were no marked spots available. I didn’t see any no parking signs, so I thought it might be okay to park my car there.

Just as I was leaving my car, I saw a young man carrying his kayak across the parking lot. I asked him his opinion about  parking there, just to be sure. He agreed that it should be fine. I thanked him and got back in my car to grab my purse. As I did so, I took a quick glance into my rear view mirror, and I was stunned by what I saw! It was one of those “OH MY GOODNESS” moments that kinda stops your world for a brief instant, and I had to laugh out loud as I stared at my reflection. Part of me wanted to vanish into thin air, but another part of me wanted to run after the young man I had just spoken to, to let him know I wasn’t a lunatic! REALLY!

So this is what I saw! I don't understand how in the world I didn't notice the missing lens on that long drive, but here's proof, not to mention finding the absent lens in the bottom of my purse.

I asked my son-in-law, Bob, to take a picture at the party, so I could always have this funny memory.

Laughter is good for us, and I love any occasion to do so! I shared my story at Colleen’s party and everyone had a good laugh on me. It was great fun to show them what I saw in the mirror. I hope my silly story brightened your day and maybe even inspired a good “belly laugh” for you too! And I wish all of you a wonderful summer full of joy, laughter and memory making!

A cheerful heart is good medicine...


  1. That is funny, but I think you look sweet!!! I love your smile and it makes my heart feel glad for you.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thank you, sweet Lorraine! Blessings and hugs to you this day!

  2. LOL! Oh, Renee', that looks so darn cute! It sounds just like something I would do, too. Thanks for sharing your story. :)

    Love you. ~ Tess

    1. Thanks, Tess! It was fun to have a story like this to share. I think about you often and pray you are feeling daily support, love and comfort from the Lord and your loved ones and friends. I know how important that is! Love and hugs to you.

  3. Thank you so very much, Renee'. I really appreciate that. I think about and pray for you often, too. Love and hugs in return.

  4. That's a funny story! I think you just had a lot on your mind so you weren't paying any attention as to realize that the lens was missing out of one of the sides!

  5. Listening to music thinking of my husband that answered his call to go home 3 years ago. I laughed so hard when I saw your picture. Something goofy that would happen to me. Love it.