Friday, December 13, 2013

Finishing Well ~ A Tribute To My Friend

A painting I did for my friend, Ed,  titled "Finishing Well"

Today will be an extra difficult day for the Geinendaffer family and all his friends and loved ones who knew this precious man and remember this day as the first anniversary of Ed's home-going. What a blessing he was to all of our lives. I visited his Facebook page this week and had a good cry as I recalled all that his friendship meant to me.

This time last year, I wrote a post about a painting that I did for Ed and his family. For some reason, I didn't publish it back then. I don't know why. I thought that today, on the first anniversary of his passing, would be a fitting time to share what the Lord inspired me to paint and write. Just my way of reaching out and sharing how much I miss my friend.


Although I tried to prepare myself for the reality of the news, the weight of the Facebook message hit me like an unexpected ocean wave. That night in mid-December, Ed, one of my dearest of friends, passed from this life into the beginning of the very best part of his life for the rest of eternity. Cancer robbed him of the years he had hoped to spend with his loved ones and friends, but it provided a bridge to the beginning of his new face to face life with his Savior. I am so happy for him, but my heart is broken for his family as they deal with the pain of their loss. My friend's absence will leave a great void in my life as well, as Ed was truly one of the best friends I ever had!

Edwin J. Geisendaffer Sr. was a man with a servant's heart, who lived to serve and help others. I was a recipient of his loyal friendship and faithful kindness many times during the 15 years that I knew him.
My buddy, doing what he did the best: finishing my garage and serving the people he cared about. Always with a smile on his face.
A sample of Ed's ingenuity, when my lawn tractor's belt was broken. 
During the month of November, the theme at my church’s art group was: “It's Better To Give Than To Receive”. In keeping with her theme, deAnn, the art director, encouraged us to use our creativity to create a gift for someone, asking the Lord whom we could bless with our artistic efforts. Ed came to my mind immediately, and I asked the Lord for inspiration.
When I visited Ed a few weeks before he was called home, I asked his wife, Bobbie, if Ed liked any particular kind of artwork. After a few moments, she said that the only thing she could think of was that he was attracted to artwork that depicted action sports, and instantly, an idea was born. 
Immediately, I had a vision of a runner crossing the finishing line. It seemed so fitting since Ed had been a marathon runner for many years, and I’m sure he had crossed countless finish lines, as he participated in competitive races. But the symbolism behind this painting goes a great deal deeper, as I see it as a representation of his life. I view it as a depiction of his personal race of life, so well run: spending so much of himself in serving others in innumerable ways. As I look around my home, I see many examples of his passion to help others and I was a recipient of his servant's heart on many occasions. 

Sadly, he is running away from us, as he crosses the bridge carrying him into his new life, but what Joy for him. More importantly, he is running toward the sun, or The Son, symbolic to portray the “Light of the World,” as he crosses his finish line.
On that glorious day, he got to experience our Lord, face to face, and was reunited with his loved ones and friends who had gone before him. I 'm sure my sweetheart, Buck, was among that group to welcome his buddy home. When I delivered my painting to Ed on his deathbed, I asked him to give Buck a big hug for me. What a sweet reunion it must have been! I have no doubt that Ed heard the voice of the Lord say: “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

I will miss you, Ed, but I know I will see you again, and look forward to seeing your smiling face on that glorious day, right after I get that first hug from your buddy, Buck!



  1. What a lovely tribute for your friend Ed.

    May his family be filled and surrounded by God's love and strength at this time.

    Love and hugs to you dear Renee and may your Christmas be lovely and sweet ~ FlowerLady

    1. Hello sweet Lorraine. Thank you for your thoughts of kindness for my friends family and for me. I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you are doing. I know the upcoming season will be very hard for you, but I also know that the Lord will sustain you and hold your hand in each and every step. He is so Faithful like that. Praying for sweet and joy-filled moments for you in the days ahead. Hugs for you too, dear one.