Sunday, November 28, 2010

What IS That Noise?

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My world is often very quiet at home. I am not a TV lover, so the radio or CD player are usually my only background noise. Several nights ago, I thought I was losing my mind! My brain was certain there was an unidentifiable noise, but I knew no music was playing. I checked both of my radios TWICE! I finally went on a search; I had to know! The noise was so faint and intermittent. I was at a loss! "Lord, What is that noise?!!!" Then I had an idea. I stood at the bottom of the stairs in my dining room that lead to my unfinished second floor and I waited. It finally became clear to me, although still very faint, what the mystery noise was. Perhaps you already guessed. As I opened the door at the top of the stairs, the loud, annoying chirp begged me to change the battery.
I've written about this little project before, but since it had been months since I changed the battery in my bedroom, I had to figure it out all over again. You might be thinking, what's the big deal: just put a new nine volt in there and be done with it! In my experience, nothing is ever that simple! My main concern was the electric line attached to the smoke detector. I always prefer to come away in a non-crispy condition, so after many trips up and down two flights of stairs to locate and assure that the right breaker was turned off, I proceeded.

My next move was to test my batteries with my handy battery tester. Buck never trusted the nifty gizmo. Nevertheless, I have great faith in it, and discovered that two out of the four batteries I had on hand were worthy of placement. I shakily switched out the battery (eight foot ceiling...two foot step ladder and me with balance issues). My little smirk of satisfaction and victory was very short-lived when the alarm continued to mock me! I could almost hear my sweetheart whisper, "I told you so!"

I located an identical alarm in the basement and verified that I had installed the battery correctly. More trips back and forth to cut the juice! Then, I tried the other "so called" good battery. More chirping mockery! I slumped in defeat and discouragement! Such a small chore... my honey would have had it taken care of in no time and after my marathon of trips up and down the stairs, I still had gotten nowhere!

Then I saw it! My little pity party ended as quickly as it started, when I spotted the inconspicuous CO2 detector amidst the miscellaneous collection on top of a dresser! I wanted to jump up and down with joy, but controlled myself and dug out the double A's and my trusty battery tester, one more time! I thanked God when peace was restored! Aaaahhhh; the sound of silence! I celebrated with a brownie!!!


  1. Loved it Renee. You figured it out. You are a strong woman, and quite the detective!!! And better yet,you were smart enough NOT to end up crispy! Great Post! Much Love, Tonya

  2. Thanks Tonya! I appreciate your support! I get very little feedback since I moved my blog to blogspot. Seems the comment format is intimidating. I miss the communication! Now, I'm posting in both places. My Carepage doesn't have the bells and whistles to do creative extras, but my friends often stop by and drop me a line. I love that!

  3. Renee',
    You were lucky you were even able to hear that "chirping" all the way upstairs. I guess you will have to consider the stairs and the ladder your aerobic exercises for the day - some people actually pay for this type of workout!
    Love, Pat

  4. You're right Pat. The noise was just audible enough to peak my curiosity and after a bit, test my sanity! It was a good workout and I'm all about the beauty of free!