Monday, December 19, 2011

He Is Real! ~ Part 2

Continued from last post; my written piece about how the Lord has recently made Himself real to me in unique ways. In reference to my sharing about the rain shower "vision": 

A Growing Intimacy Through Solitude, Silence And Journaling (Continued)

A little later that morning, my devotional had this to say:

I Shall Rejoice In My People

“...They who desire Me, I will surely reward: I will not fail. I will fill every longing heart
and satisfy every craving soul. The next sentence jumped off of the page at me. 
My grace will pour out as a tumbling waterfall  (emphasis mine). I shall be glorified, I shall be magnified, and I will rejoice in My people when they yield themselves fully and freely to Me and cut themselves free from everything else. Then I shall cast My love about them as a cloak, and 
I will whisper My words in their ears.”
(From the classic devotional: Come Away My Beloved)

Ten days later, after my few minutes of silence, I asked the Lord if there
was anything He wanted to communicate to me. I have done this on several
occasions, and although I don’t always “hear” His voice echo in my
heart, sometimes the Lord blesses me with simple, but profound words
that drench me with His Love! As I waited and listened, wondering if the
Lord might respond this time; the sweet message that flooded my soul
was simply this: “You are Mine!”

I share these special moments with the desire to remind all of us that these messages were not meant just for me, but for all who desire to commune with Him and long to hear His whispers in our
hearts. May He be glorified and magnified by our desire to grow in intimacy with Him, as we draw closer. Thank You, Lord, for Your “waterfall of grace” and for helping us to be still long enough to experience Your still, small voice in our noisy world.

Haiku Inspired By Solitude, Silence And Journaling

Come be with me, Lord
I am Your beloved child
Whisper to my heart

I seek Your presence
Waterfalls of blessings come
You are real to me

In silent moments
I asked: “A message for me?”
You said, “You are mine!"

How can it be, Lord?
You are mine and I am Yours
You even said so!


  1. Dear Renee', thank you very much again for sharing this with us. I will remember to try to be more still for His words more often. When I have needed Him most, I usually hear Him say, "You are my daughter." I love Him so much. You are such an inspiration and blessing to all of us. Love, Tess

  2. "How can it be, Lord?
    You are mine and I am Yours
    You even said so!"

    (Misty Edwards is a favorite of mine. I watch the IHOP Prayer Room on line for prayer and meditation.)
    Merry Christmas,

  3. Like the Song of Solomon "I am my beloved's and He is mine," We are the bride of Christ. We are His, bought and paid for, redeemed by His precious blood. ~T~