Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year FOCUS

After a quiet New Year's Eve, spent in solitude, I couldn't sleep when I turned out my light in the early hours of the brand new year. My heart and mind couldn't help but relive the event that changed our lives forever at the same time two years ago. I soaked my pillow again as I reminisced about Buck's public proclamation of love for me during a party being held in the home of some dear friends. It was easy to recall how cold it felt as Buck stopped the car and got out to observe the wounded deer and his frustration because he had no means to put it out of it's misery.  Every detail of this unexpected medical emergency came flooding back and my heart pounded as I found myself in the emergency room in York Hospital with the love of my life, once more! I could hear the excited expectation in Buck's voice as he asked the ER doctor: "Is there any chance that I'll get to meet Jesus tonight?"

It was a sleepless and emotional night as my heart and mind replayed the beginning of this segment of our journey. Of course, it was no surprise to begin the new year this way. I wept again when I woke and read my daily devotional: God Calling. The words of encouragement jumped off of the page and communicated to my weary heart, the words of godly wisdom and love I needed to hear.
January 1 ~ Between The Years

I stand between the years. The Light of My Presence is flung across the year to come - the radiance of the Sun of Righteousness.  Backward, over the past year, is My Shadow thrown, hiding trouble and sorrow and disappointment.

Dwell not on the past, only the present. Store only the blessings from Me, the Light of the World. Encourage yourselves by the thought of these.

Bury every fear of the future, of poverty for those dear to you, of suffering, of loss. Bury... your disappointment in others and in yourself, your gloom, your despondency, and let us leave them all, buried, and go forward to a new and risen life.

Remember that you must not see as the world sees. I hold the year in My Hands - in trust for you. But I shall guide you one day at a time.

Leave the rest with Me. You must not anticipate the gift by fears or thoughts of the days ahead.

And for each day I shall supply the wisdom and the strength.
These wonderful truths hold true for all of us who have faith in Jesus as our Savior and Lord. I thanked God for the powerful words that filled me with new hope, courage and comfort.

As I traveled to attend a party on New Year's Day, I started thinking about the joy I get from taking pictures with my digital camera. In thinking about the words of encouragement to dwell "only on the present", the word focus came to mind.  It occurred to me that as I take pictures, I can only focus on the present...that moment I hope to capture. I can't take a photo of the past or the future...only the present.

I pondered these thoughts as I drove and decided that focus was going to be a powerful word for me this year.  As these ideas bounced around in my heart, I heard a song on the radio, sung by a favorite Christian musician: Steven Curtis Chapman. It was the first time I ever heard, Beauty Will Rise and it touched me deeply!
What will I focus on? What will you focus on this year?

                                  New year to focus
                            On what lies ahead of me
                                 My tandem journey


  1. Dearest Renee;
    Thank you for such a beautiful post. I stand in awe of it. I cannot begin to imagine the pain of your journey. And I must selfishly admit that I hope I never have to. The sweetness of your husband makes me think of that same loving spirit in my own.
    2010 was a very difficult year, but as I look at all the possibilities in 2011, the most moving part of your post for me wasthe place The Lord spoke to you saying: "I stand between the years. The Light of My Presence is flung across the year to come - the radiance of the Sun of Righteousness. Backward, over the past year, is My Shadow thrown, hiding trouble and sorrow and disappointment." This is absolutely breathtaking to me, and I am going to write it in my own personal journal as a quote which will bless me to read every day.
    And, with your permission I would like to quote it on my blog with full credit to you, your wonderful heart and the goodness of God. Love & blessing in 2011, Tonya

  2. Thank you for your beautiful words, Tonya! You bless my heart! By all means, please use anything that you think might bless others. Pointing people to Jesus is the main reason I share my journey. It has been difficult, but He has shown me we all can be survivors when we draw near to Him! Let's keep proclaiming Him every chance we get...His power, His strength, and His overwhelming, unfathomable LOVE for us! God bless you my friend! Let's keep our FOCUS on Him!