Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Reflections

Crepes With The Fam On Christmas Morning
Kyrie, Sarah, Justin, Colin and Bob

I just returned a few days ago, after being away from home since Christmas Eve. It was a very pleasant but exhausting eleven days filled with family and friends. I stayed with my daughter, Sarah, and her family. I am very blessed to have the freedom to spend such quality time with my loved ones! My three grandchildren, ages: fourteen, five and two, provided lots of entertainment, distraction and loving attention. Sarah and my son-in-law, Bob, always make me feel more than welcome and very much loved when I am in their home.This was needful as I encountered my second holiday season without my sweetheart. It proved to be an emotional time on many occasions, usually hitting me most powerfully upon waking. One morning when I came to the table for breakfast, Sarah told me that I looked like a had a black eye because my eyelid was swollen. Thankfully, a few minutes with an ice cube restored normalcy.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am not a Christmas enthusiast. Although I enjoy my family time, I am not ashamed to confess that I am thankful when this hectic, stressful, exhausting season is behind us once again! However, it was better than years past, because I intentionally purposed to do things differently this year, making simplicity my goal . Breaking tradition and not putting up a tree this year turned out to be a wise decision and helped me to conserve my energy to do more enjoyable things like baking, which didn’t deplete me emotionally and provided some home-made gifts. I have to say that I even enjoyed the Christmas music this year, thanks to the wide variety that was played on my favorite radio station: WJTL.
Kryie Got Her Own Wheels For Christmas!

Although  I broke tradition this year, Sarah put lots of thought and effort into creating new ones. It was a blessing to attend a Christmas Eve service with Sarah and family in a very unique setting.  A new church that will be launched in March had their kick off service at Ripken Stadium, Aberdeen, Md. (indoors, of course) of all places! Epic Community Church had a great turn out for their very first gathering! It was a blessing to worship with my family! I am hopeful that it will become a new Christmas Eve tradition.

Colin Discovers His Bag Of "Coal"

Kyrie Loved Her Tinkerbell!
It was wonderful to wake up Christmas morning and share in all the excitement. It's always fun to watch the little ones open their presents and it was especially delightful to see five year old, Colin's face, when the first thing he pulled out of his stocking was a little bag of (candy) coal! He was very excited about his spy gear complete with night vision goggles with blue head lights and his bow tie! Sarah and Bob sent my 14 year old grandson, Justin, on a clue-filled scavenger hunt to locate his gift of a new woodworking workshop in their basement!  Tinkerbell and a tricycle were a big hit with two year old Kyrstin. These were just a small sample of the many gifts they received.
Colin Sporting His Cool Spy Gear!
We made lots of memories this Christmas season and many were captured in our photos. Sarah and I love to take lots of pictures and have so much fun with our digital cameras! Sarah and Bob gave me a digital picture frame loaded with a collection (theirs and mine) that represented a year’s worth of their best and favorite photos, starting with Christmas 2009 and included all the family events throughout the year. Watching the slide show that Sarah and Bob put together for all of us grandparents was one of the best gifts I have ever received! I so appreciate all the thought and time that was invested to provide such a precious gift! I will look forward to future slide shows with great anticipation! I know this wonderful gift will provide many smiles and will lift my spirits whenever the need arises!
Justin Checking Out His Awesome Workshop!

 Although it was often emotional and exhausting; looking back, I am able to say that this was a very Merry Christmas, thanks to all the activities, memory making and love that I experienced throughout my family and friend time. I hope yours was happy and memorable as well! Happy New Year  to all of you!


  1. Renee, I am so glad that through the places of heartache came such shining times of family happiness. It sounds like your family is wonderful and so lovingly skilled in making it all special. You chose the wisest things this year and eliminated a lot of stress, Kudos!!!! And Happy New year! T~~~

  2. My family blesses my socks off on a regular basis! I am blessed indeed! I may consider making a new tradition in the future, of breaking tradition. It certainly was a lot less work and made the season more doable.

    Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement as always. Happy New Year to you as well! Always look forward to your newest post!